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Club Goals:

The goals of Elite Baseball Club and its’ coaching staff are as follows:

  • To build a team that will be highly skilled and compete against the top baseball clubs in and around the Sacramento region, the State of California, and potentially the country.

  • To teach players the baseball skills and in-game knowledge that will be necessary to compete at a high level.

  • To allow players to experience valuable life lessons, such as being part of a team, how to act as winners, and how to learn from failure.

  • To create valuable friendships and lifelong memories for the players, coaching staff, and all of the families involved.

  • Instill responsibility and discipline, and learn a few life lessons along the way.

  • To ensure a well-rounded athlete we will encourage a good work ethic and reinforce good sportsmanship. 

  • To help every single player reach their fullest potential and achieve the dream of playing at whatever the next level is for them.

Club Rules:

The rules of Elite Baseball Club are as follows:

  • Elite Baseball Club requires a 100% commitment level from all players and parents. When a conflict arises, the parents will do everything in their power to make sure that their son is at the practice and/or game on time.

  • Furthermore, if they play another sport such as soccer, football, or basketball; or have any other hobby such as guitar lessons, and a conflict arises, we would prefer that Elite Baseball Club is the priority. We encourage our athletes to play other sports but need parents to communicate schedules to ensure that the other sport doesn't become too much of a conflict. 

  • Any time a player will miss a game or practice the parent must email or text their respective coach.

  • All players must check their schedule on Game Changer DAILY. Most questions will be answered on this website and or the league or tournament website. Please refrain from constant text messaging and emailing the coaching staff about scheduling please check the websites.

  • Athletes who decide to take a break mid-season will be forfeiting their roster spot. If they decide to return, they will have to try out to re-join the team. The athlete will be removed from Game Chagner. 

Playing Time:

Coaches determine playtime and positions. There is NO guarantee of innings or positions of players. Never ask about playing time during or directly after a game. All positions are up for competition. Positions and playing time will be earned. 

If your child’s play time becomes an issue then please email us at after a 24 hour time window has passed, not at a field or at games or practice. 

Please understand that by doing this you may be honestly told what your son/daughter needs to work on and improve to get more play time. Any parent pulling a player off the field during a game may result in expulsion from said team.


Prior to the Game:

A copy of the player’s birth certificate must be given to the coaching staff no later than 30 days, PRIOR to the First game of the Season. If we do not have it your son CANNOT play, Period.


All players are required to be on the field at least 60 minutes prior to the game for warm-ups and pre-game talks. It is very important that this be done as a team. 


In the event of rain, all players must make every effort to get to the field on time unless notified in advance by one of the Coaching Staff that the game was cancelled. This will be done via email, Team Snap or text message. If you do not get one of those THE GAME or PRACTICE is on! Make sure you check the league website before leaving the house if you are unsure.

During the Game:

Parents must let the coaching staff do their job: coach the kids. During a game, the parents MUST refrain from coming over to the dugout, or screaming out onto the field to inform their son or another player, what they should have done in a given situation. The coaching staff will ensure that they are informed of their in-game performance, both positive and negative aspects.
All players must sit in the dugout with their teammates at all times during a game, and in between double headers. At no time shall they sit in the bleachers with their family members. This is required to promote team unity.

Parents and other family members of a player are not allowed in the dugout at any time during a game. Parents and family members must not congregate behind the dugout area.


Please supply your child with drinks, and whatever else they may need prior to the start of the game.
All players are required to be in full uniform for all games. EBC hat, jersey, pants, and socks. The uniform shirt must be tucked in at all times. 

All players must wear all proper equipment such as protective cups, cleats, turf shoes, etc… Protective cup must be worn regardless of player position. 

Parents and players must refrain from getting into a verbal altercation with an umpire, opposing players, or other parents and spectators at all costs.

Players must not verbalize, or distract in any way, the opposing team for the purpose of intimidation. Players must cheer for their team only. Jeering opponent players will not be tolerated.

Parents and players will refrain from making derogatory comments and such throughout social media and public forums on the internet.

Any player that physically strikes a teammate or coach, will be immediately thrown off of the team. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Players must refrain from throwing a bat, helmet, or any equipment. This may result in game suspensions or expulsion from club.


After the Game:

Players will then clean up the dugout, and the team equipment BEFORE they pack their individual bags. Players cannot leave until the end of game talk, and the entire dugout has been cleaned.  If you have an important engagement and must leave immediately please let the Coaching Staff know prior to the game.

*Breaking any of these rules can result in loss of play time and or expulsion from team without a refund.


Payment Requirements:

Payments are to be made on time on the specified date of every month. Late payments, or extended payment plans, will be charged a 10% late fee. Players may not receive uniforms, or attend workouts, until payment is made and account is brought current. NO EXCEPTIONS.


If your family is experiencing unforeseen financial difficulties, we encourage you to reach out to Elite Baseball Club Staff to discuss the situation and come up with a plan of action. EBC understands that difficult situations may arise. 

No refunds will be given for any reason. It is understood, that once payments are submitted, they immediately go out to the leagues, vendors and suppliers who also do not give refunds back to the organization.

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