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Manager/Head Coach - Phil Moyer

Phil says, "Baseball has always been in my blood". He started playing Little League baseball at  the age of five through the age of thirteen. During that time he played all positions, but fell in love with being a catcher.  When he turned twelve he started playing Travel Ball which took him as far as tournaments in Australia. He continued playing travel ball through high school while playing on the JV and Varsity teams. His love for the game grew vastly through the years even continuing to play adult league softball. When the time came for his boys Easton and Karter to play, he knew that coaching was what he was destined to do. Phil has been coaching in Lincoln for five years and at times has coached multiple teams to ensure he was able to coach both boys. Phil believes that baseball is more than just a throw ball, hit ball kind of game. It provides so many life lessons which are instilled in his character still today, which Phil says he is proud to pass down to his boys and the youth he coaches. 


Coaching Staff
Assistant Coach - Tim Davis
Assistant Coach- Dan Barber

Speed & Agility - Kory Annonio

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