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Coach - Kory Annonio

SCAF Training or Strength, Conditioning, Agility and Flexibility Training involves a broad range of exercises developed specifically to improve athletic performance.  A SCAF Training program is also vital to assist with injury prevention and develop the proper biomechanics associated with an athlete's power, speed, endurance, lateral movement, flexibility and overall sport performance.  SCAF Training allows athletes to strengthen supporting muscles, correct muscle imbalances, increase mobility, correct posture, stabilize joints, create new movement patterns, enhance coordination and peripheral skills.  EBC SCAF Training also places an emphasis going beyond  improving physical performance by installing life-long character and leadership development.  There is overwhelming evidence validating that SCAF Training improves brain function and has a profound positive impact on mental health and performance in the classroom.  At EBC, our culture embraces and understands the importance of developing a diverse student athlete and his/her role within their respective team, family, community and school. 


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